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The Maldives Day 11: Kuramathi Island Resort - Fun beach finds and sunset on the sandbank

Are you guys getting tired of all the photos of the same place? Well it is almost over! Just two more posts to go. 

Big shark!

Fruit bats eating the fruit!

We really just swam all day! Raymond went snorkeling again in the morning and I was in the pool almost the entire day - just out for lunch and to get more cold beverages!

Can anyone guess what this is?

When we were out on the sunset cruise the night prior we saw that you could walk forever out on the sandbank since it was low tide. So we headed out there for sunset and it was gorgeous!

You had to wade across some really shallow water at times, but you could walk out really far

Looking back at the island from out on the sandbank

The water is really shallow, but the tide was coming in. I was okay until Raymond stepped somewhere and almost stepped on a sand crabbie! He moved and buried himself again, but then I was worried I would step on them!

On the way back to our room after sunset I took photos of lots of fun things I found on the beach

There were so many hermit crabbie!

The hermit crabbies would always hide when you got close

I don't know what this hermit crabbie was doing - making a hole for himself?

Tiny sand crabbie! They move so fast they look like fuzzies blowing across the sand

Back at the room - so gorgeous here!

We went back to the Indian restaurant again for dinner - another veggie ball

We had Harabara Kabab - veggie patties

And Vegetable Samoosa - both were delicious! Normally I am just so so on samosas. They are good, but not my favorite. These ones were delicious!!

And we tried the Dum Aloo Kashmir - potatoes with dried fruit

And Rajma Masala - kidney bean curry! I like kidney beans more than chickpeas so I loved this

And more of the Kulcha as it is so tasty

And we tried the Puri - deep fried bread puffs. Everything was super tasty!! We definitely need to plan a trip to Indian just for the foods! We were so stuffed again, but totally worth it! 

Afterwards we spied on the live bands at the bar near here, but they were just so so. So we spied on the band at the bar near our place which I enjoyed a lot more, but it was really muggy out so we went back to our room for a quick dip in the pool to cool off. Only one more day left...


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