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The Maldives Day 7: Kuramathi Island Resort with an afternoon trip to Rasdhoo

Day 7 - another wonderful day in Paradise. We got up a bit late - around 9 - and we could both get ready at the same time! I took a shower outside while Raymond took one inside. It was a bit odd taking a shower in the garden...

Lots of fishes swimming around by our pool

And we headed down for brekkie. This was probably the best of the breakfast buffets - beans & toast, potatoes, and dal! Delicious! When you get there the servers come around and ask if you want tee or coffee so I asked if they had iced tea. They said yes, so I asked for that and went to get my food. I came back to find my tea cup filled with hot tea and an ice bucket! Oh, it was funny. I mean yeah, that would make iced tea, but it was not what I was expecting. 

After brekkie they were fixing out do not disturb light (it was out) so we headed down to check out the beach and the sandbank

Hermit crabbie trying to hide from me!

Almost invisible fishes by the shore! It is really hard to see them when the water is moving

The sand bank was seriously beautiful. I still can't believe how gorgeous it was there!! It is one of those places where I was standing there thinking is this real?

This was during high tide - during low tide the sandbank stretches out a long way

Sea plane coming in for a landing

That is the inhabited island of Rasdhoo, which we would explore this afternoon

Then it was back to our rooms for a morning full of swimming!

Raymond loves the pool! But only when it is a private pool. He would get in every chance he got. He was pretty silly. 

He liked to float like this in the water...he said it was to cool off his face

Seriously he floated like this all the time

After swimming all morning we headed down to Island Coffee Shop for lunch. This and Palm (where we ate yesterday) were the only two restaurants open for lunch. They had basically the same menu, I had pasta with veggies

And a salad, but it wasn't nearly as good. 

Raymond tried the veggie burger which was good, but not much to put on it. Needless to say we ate at Palm for lunch the rest of our stay. It was closer and the food much better. 

Island Coffee Shop was at the far end of the island, the busy end, and since we were going to be going over to Rasdhoo in a few hours we decided to just stay down there and swim in the pool until our excursion. 

There were a couple of birds that liked to just hang out in the pool...

That is Rasdhoo. 

The pool was alright, but it is definitely not in the prettiest spot on the island. Not that it was bad, it was just really busy with lots of boat traffic and people around

Before heading off we stopped at the bar for a quick drink

Then on to Rasdhoo! 

Clouds were coming in and it looked like it would storm while we were out

The boat just dropped us off at the dock and we were free to wander around. The island is not that big so an hour was plenty of time to wander up and down every road

Painted tree trunks

It was pretty empty on most of the roads

Kuramathi from Rasdhoo - looks so stormy!

There were a lot of walls made of coral

I had to laugh at the snow in winter...since we were there in winter and I was dying! It was so humid!

We wandered all around and it was fun. A lot of the island has broken things laying around, but not thrown away. There were a lot of signs like make sure to not throw something away if you could get another use out of the materials and things like that. They have a hospital there and power plant and lots of small tourist shops with people trying to get you to come in and look at the souvenirs. The thing is I am not really a souvenir person...We were almost done walking around and I stopped in the one shop as they had a dress that I liked in the window and the guy in there was so nice. He gave us free bottles of ice water (which was amazing!!) and as I looked around he talked with Raymond about lots of things. From Trump, the truck that drove into the Christmas Market in Berlin while we were gone and the reactions here, refugees, everything. And he was telling Raymond about the Maldives and a bit of history. How each island is a different group of people and how it used to be really bad with a lot of fighting between groups. There was a tsunami a few years ago that destroyed some of the islands so the people living there had to move to another island and how that caused some tensions and issues. He was super nice and Raymond had someone to talk to as I looked at dresses. I didn't find any dresses I liked, but I was glad we stopped in there. 

Then it was back to Kuramathi

It looks so stormy even though it didn't rain

Sunset was beautiful even though it was just a ton of clouds and you couldn't see the sun

You can see the lights on in the pool

We went to Inguru for dinner - we had tofu shashimi

Miso and Soba Noodle Soup - I liked this, but Raymond wanted more miso flavor

And mushroom risotto. 

All very tasty, but smaller portions than the other restaurants so we actually had room for desserts

They had so many fancy desserts I could eat! I had the Green Tea Tofu Flan Tartlet with cookie crumbs and thai spice ice cream - I have never had flan so I don't know what it is supposed to be like, but I thought it was really good

And Raymond had the Banana and Jackfruit Spring Roll - also super tasty!

The christmas lights around the buffet restaurant/bar down at our end of the island. It was nice having an excursion in the afternoon. Lots of swimming and relaxing, but also something to do. 


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