The Maldives day 5 & 5 1/2 at The Adaaran Prestige Vadoo

I woke up on day 5 to find I was all alone in the room. I couldn't find Raymond so I went to investigate and he was laying outside reading! I am loving that he actually reads books now so we can be traveling and reading and it is wonderful!! No more bugging me when I am trying to finish my books! 

We went to get breakfast and it was another Indian breakfast. So so delicious! I loved it!

"Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time"

After brekkie we had to wait for them to finish cleaning our room again

So we hung out at the end of the pier again. Raymond went snorkeling most of the morning, but I was super sleepy so I just lounged around

Lunch! German potato salad

Fajita veggies for me

And a mushroom masal thing for Raymond

Then back to the room for more lounging around. 

Bird on the steps next to us saying hello

Raymond is so silly

And the sun went behind the clouds again

Man wouldn't it be amazing to live somewhere where this was your view every evening??


Dinner was fancy salad

Minestrone and bread

And lasagna. Yum!

Then we walked around a bit to look at the Christmas lights. Every day more and more would go up

Christmas tree lights in the water

The island from the pier 

The next morning we were off to our next resort! We had to be up early to get brekkie and transfer, but it all worked out. We saw a sing ray from the deck

And tried to stick our hand in the water and take a photo of it without disturbing it, but as you can see it didn't really work. 

He just hung out there till we left. 

We had Indian breakfast again since we didn't know how long it would take to get to the other island and it is a ton of food

In the restaurant they had this gingerbread display. 

After breakfast we were off! I really enjoyed our tiny island with not much to do even if everyone treated me like I wasn't there. It was beautiful and lounging on the beach/in the pool/on our deck was so relaxing. Next up resort #2


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