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Birthday weekend in Travemünde, 2016

Our first morning in Travemünde we woke up to a very grey day. We ate some breakfast then went to spy in the beach and it was still cold, but a bit rainy so we didn't stay out that long. 

The sand is still frozen

It started raining really hard after a while so we headed back to our room to sit by the window and play some board games we brought along for just such a purpose. 

Then we headed out for lunch at an Italian Restaurant, Bella Vista, which was delicious. I love pasta with olive oil and garlic. So simple, but so tasty. 

While we were eating the rain let up so we went to wander the beach again, cutting through the park on the way. So much water!

Still very overcast, but a nice walk

As we were walking along the beach a lady was walking towards us with a bag. She stopped me to talk and tell me about the fossils you can find in the rock and started pulling rocks out of her bag. She gave the bigger one to Raymond and when I tried to look at it she shooed me away telling me it was for Raymond. She was very nice and it was fun using our German skills to talk about things I enjoy. It was on my actual birthday as well so it was like a special birthday gift!

The sun starting to peek out just before sunset. 

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous walking around the small town as the sun was setting

As we were walking around earlier we spied on the menus for other restaurants. I decided on the restaurant in the Lieblingsplatz hotel that was nearby. I had the veggie burger which was just fried eggplant and other veggies and came with some fries. So tasty!

Raymond got one of the specials as he wasn't that hungry - a soup, though I forget what it was called. It was very light with lots of tasty veggies. 

After dinner we were looking at the rocks the lady had given us that afternoon and trying to decide if there was anything fun in them - so we took some macro photos!

Pretty cool!
The next morning was cold, and cloudy, but not nearly as grey as the first day. 

We were heading back to Berlin in the evening, but we had the morning to wander the beach and look at rocks. Now here will be tons of macro photos - I took sooooo many! I couldn't help myself!

The sign about the different fossils and such you could find along the beach

The sun starting to come out


The birds are almost completely separated by color

The view from our room again

The whole time we were there I could see this bright blue pool at the place behind our hotel and was super jealous! In the morning we did see some people swimming in it so it has to be heated (plus you can see steam coming off of it). I so wanted to swim outside in the bright blue pool! Maybe next time. 

Then around lunchtime we headed back to Lübeck to get lunch at the cafe we first ate at (because it was so tasty and then we could make sure to catch our train home). As you can see it was nice and sunny in Lübeck.

Lunch at Cafe Affenbrot - the veggie doner which was ginormous. I don't think I could have eaten it all myself.

And some potatoes. I was noticing that most people who came in for lunch just got this potato and salad plate. Not what I would have expected as to me it is more a side, but whatever floats their boat. 

And this time we had just enough room for dessert - a crunch nut bar ring thing, which was delicious, and a mandarin orange bar, which I really liked. Normally I don't care for orange in my treats, but this worked. We hung out at the lunch place for a bit drinking tea and relaxing until it was time for our train home. 

So there you have it. The rest of my birthday weekend in Lübeck/Travemünde. I loved Travemünde and was very surprised how vegan friendly it was. We had more options that we needed which is always nice. I figured it would be harder to find food seeing as it is on the coast and seafood will be more prevalent, but it wasn't. It was harder to choose which places to eat at out of all the options. I definitely would like to go back, probably in the winter again as is was so beautiful. 


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