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Railay Beach, Thailand - Day 3

Railay Beach day 3 started off alright. After brekkie we headed over to Railay West and saw that the water was way out so we decided to check out Ton Sai Beach.

Tons of sand crabbies

We noticed some people were not using the path, but walking on the jaggy rocks since the tide was so low so we went to check that out

Raymond had gone ahead a bit and said it wasn't really easy to get through so we turned back

So we went up the normal path and oh my goodness. I was dying. It wasn't particularly hard or long, but it was so humid so it was really slow going. We got to Ton Sai and it was pretty enough

But the water wasn't very deep and it was really dirty so I didn't really want to swim in it (even though I definitely could have used the cool down in the water). We didn't stay long and just headed back to Railay West right away to swim!

Much nicer! There weren't very many people out and about yet (we had taken some beach towels the night prior so we wouldn't have to wait for them to be stocked in the morning) so it was almost like a private beach. 

See with the hand? I don't know why I do that

So much swimming! We swam for a few hours until we got hungry. Raymond kept saying "watch out!" while we were in the water and I was just like dude - you need to stop that! Seriously it stresses me out just being in the water without you freaking me out that something is in there and going to touch me! This was definitely the best place to go swimming in Railay for me. I didn't see any fish, no jellyfish, nothing but clear water for me to swim around in. 

So many sand crabs

And lazing on the beach for a bit when we got out to get some water

A really big sand crab

And another dip before lunch

We went back to that same resort restaurant for lunch. The guy even remembered our order. I guess we went there too many times.

Lovely view for lunch 

Then it was back to the pool by our room for an afternoon swim. There were so many people there when we got there, only one chair was free, but everyone left as soon as we got in the water. Odd. 

We swam a bit until it suddenly turned really stormy. It started pouring and thunder and such so we headed back to the room to sit on the balcony and watch/listen. The rain was so loud! It was crazy how hard it was raining. 

During a break in the rain we walked back to Mom's Place for dinner and it was just as delicious. It started pouring again right as we got to the restaurant so it was perfect timing. There was a weird vibe though. First the people sitting at a table next to us were not at all happy with the speed of service so they just left before their food got there. Then this one couple kept switching tables as people at the table next to wherever they were sitting kept smoking (I couldn't even smell the smoke so I am not sure why they had to keep moving). Then there was a cat that got up into the rafters and was crying and crying and crying and wouldn't come down. Then I saw someone point to my right and I looked over and there was a guy who almost got into a fight with a Thai guy. There were two Thai guys, one in back who looked super angry, and one closer to the non-Thai guy who seemed like he was really drunk. It looked like they were going to fight when the non-Thai guy suddenly jetted out of the shop and into the restaurant and sat down and ate his dinner like nothing happened. So he almost got into a fight over something, but not bad enough that he had to leave the area. Odd. I was just like what is happening? This is so strange! Oh and there were three people sitting at a table over to my right. A small black kitten had climbed up onto the girls lap and she was just sitting there like she didn't know what to do. She wasn't petting it or anything, she had her hands down under her legs, but it just settled in. It looked like they wanted to leave, but didn't know how to get the cat off her lap. The guy tried to nudge it a few times to get it to jump off, but of course that did nothing. Finally the waitress asked if she wanted her to get the kitten off her lap and they said yes so the waitress grabbed it by the scruff on its neck, then cradled it and carried it over to the sidewalk and all of the people at the table just started freaking out. Like what are you doing?!?! You are going to hurt it?!? Apparently they have absolutely no experience with cats. It was so strange. But things settled down and we ate our food and were happy. And another relaxing swimming day completed. 


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