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Tour du Mont Blanc day 7 & 8

Day 7 of our trip started with reversing the trip we took the days prior. We got up and packed up our stuff to go get some food and wait for the bus. Most everyone else was packing up as well, but they took forever. We finished before people who started way before us. We caught the 10:20 bus and some people walked by just heading out then. We walked into town and got a baguette for breakfast and sat by the lake until the bus came. It really was a nice location.

The bus took us back to the train to Martigny. On the way there the train went by the town above - the side of the mountain was all patchwork farms which seems crazy. It was so steep! I have no idea what they were growing there.

When we got to Martigney it was lunchtime so we wandered around to see if there was anything good to eat. We ordered a few things at this Thai place and they just kept brining things out to us. Somehow we had ordered way more than we thought, but that was okay.

We then wandered through the town a bit before catching the train back over the mountains to Argentiere. I tried to take a photo to show how steep the train was which was really strange. It is weird looking out the window and having the ground be at such an incline. When we got to Argentiere it was just starting to rain a bit so we found the tourist information center to see about camping then set up quick like bunnies.

After setting up we went to explore the town some, see if there was anywhere to eat since it was our anniversary, but then it really started raining so we went back to hang out in the tent. We found that there was a small hole on the one side, which would make Raymonds side a little wet if it were to rain all night, but we didn't have anything to fix it.

The rain tapered off so we set out to find some duct tape or something to use in case it rained more. The guy at the Alpshop was super nice and helpful. He, like most of the people we met in town, was British living there to hike and ski and have a good time. He was saying that he didn't have any duct tape, you could get some from the grocery store but it was no good. You have to go down into Chamonix to get good stuff, but that is farther away. So we were chatting a bit with him and then he was asking how much we needed. Since we only needed a little bit we he just gave us some which was awesome.

We then went up to The Office for dinner which was delicious. Everyone there was so nice! They had veggie burgers, and the waitress thought they were vegan, so she put the order in and asked to make sure and someone came out to let us know they actually weren't and tell us what options they did have. We ended up with falafel salads which were really good. I just loved it there. Oh and we were talking to the waitress about hiking the trail and she was saying that we were really lucky. For the entire month before we started it just poured every day all day. She said all these hikers were coming in all waterlogged. I thought it was hot, but not pouring so I guess that is better. 

Argenitere was a small town, but I loved it! Super friendly people, good good, beautiful views, just a great place. I would definitely go back and spend more time there and explore the trails around the town.

The next morning we got up and walked into town for our baguette breakfast. It was a bit chilly, but sunny and clear. We had plenty of time so we lazed around a bit letting our tent dry out before taking the bus to Chamonix.

Chamonix was another beautiful mountain town. Bigger than the others we went through and lots of people. The bus was supposed to be 3 Euro, but the driver didn't have a ticket machine so he let us ride for free which was nice. Not sure where we were supposed to buy a ticket...

We got there and looked for luggage lockers, but they don't have any. We grabbed some lunch at this takeout place and the lady working there told us about this park that was close by to eat at so we headed over there. Turns out that is where all the paragliders land so it was fun sitting in the park watching them all come down, then pack up their things.

Then we headed out to the campground to drop off our things. It is a little ways from downtown, but not too far. It was sunny and hot, but gorgeous. Then off for exploring!

After exploring we went and had dinner at this fancy vegetarian place near the campground for a nicer anniversary dinner. It was sooo good! It was an Italian place, but mmm.. You could get a three course meal, which we did, but they kept bringing out more things for us to eat. My favorite were these fried dough balls that were tiny, not greasy at all, and just so so good. Delicious. Then back to camp for some sleep.


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