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Dresden 2015

So I still have a lot of old posts to get to, trying to get everything posted before we leave for Laos at the end of the month, but we just took two weekend trips recently so I thought I would post photos from them first. First up was Dresden for the city festival. We went last year and had a good time so we thought why not go back? The downtown area is just covered with vendors and stages with music and people and food and it is lots of fun to just wander around.

We got to Dresden at lunchtime on Saturday and stayed until Sunday night. First up we went and got some lunch, then wandered through town to where we were staying. After dropping off our bags we headed back out to see what was happening.

Down by the water on the old town side there were lots of steam powered cars and the last one is a music machine powered by the steam engine above it. The kid was working on his steam car for a while, then drove it around the sidewalks. It was cute, but he was also filthy and looked like he worked in the mines.

This year they had an area with vegan food vendors which was awesome. We had some Russian periogies which were amazing, and potatoes, and lots of delicious foods. Last year we only ate at restaurants as there weren't any other options for us so it was nice that it expanded on the food choices this year.

It was so hot out on Sat though that after dinner we went back to our room so I could try to rehydrate. There were not very many places to get just water and the little shops that had water only had tiny bottles! I was just like I need like 18 of we went back and hung out in our room for a bit until it got dark then went wandering again.

The views from our room 

We walked over to the medieval section as there was supposed to be fire dancing later at night and we wanted to check that out. Only no fire dancing...just a band with bagpipes...who I think might have been called fire dance. Not what we were expecting at all. 

On the other side of the bridge from the medieval area there were a ton of people partying it up. 

The next day it was kind of rainy off and on, but we still wandered around a bit more. These guys were probably my favorite of the whole weekend. They were just performing on the street both days and I loved them! 

On the one stage we passed by there was an all accordion orchestra. Unfortunately they were not that good, but I loved the idea. 

We caught a break in the rain just at lunchtime which was perfect! Burgers and sweet potato fries - greasy, delicious food! 

After lunch we walked down to the main stage as they had a big band playing, but just as we got there it started to downpour so we hid in a nearby doorway. It was raining so much! 

Then after 20 minutes or so it cleared up some so we went out to stand and listen to the music 

Only to have it start pouring again 

After they were done playing it cleared up a bit again so we went to look at the Medieval area and see what was over there. We found this rubber ducky contest that was going on. They brought in this crane filled with ducks and emptied it into this little lake they made, then someone got in and pulled out a couple ducks for the top prize winners. Then the one fireman turned on his hose and sprayed more ducks out a few at a time for the rest of the placements. 

And then we hid out in the beer garden nearby with some drinks until the rain seemed to really clear up and people started coming outside once again. 

It still rained a little more before we caught our train, but it was a fun weekend. Lots of good food and music to listen to. 


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