Kungsleden Day 3

We awoke on day 3 to rain. Lots of rain. Really it had rained all night and was incredibly windy. Since we didn't have that far to go and the weather was not that nice and neither of us slept very well the night before we decided to stay in the next cabin. We only hiked a few hours and arrived by lunchtime and spent the afternoon relaxing and playing cards in the nice warm dry cabin. On to the photos:

This was a wide stream that was not that deep, but deep enough that you would get your shoes wet if you just walked across. There weren't really rocks to step on the whole way so we took our shoes off/socks off to cross and put them back on on the other side. It was fun watching people come upon it and try and figure out how to get across without getting super wet feet.

The cabin from the trail

Relaxin in the cabin

View from the cabin

Our afternoon at the cabin was interesting. All of those people with the huge heavy packs were there and we caught a glimpse of all the stuff they brought with them. Everyone at hot lunches except for us, and they carried tons of food with them. One guy had three different sets of dishes and cooking pots which seemed to be a bit much. He also had 4 spook fork things which I don't understand. Why do you need so many if it is just for you? The ladies that slept across from us in the bunks had so many small stuff sacks full of stuff - no clue what was in them as they didn't use them. Also most people wore heavy duty boots, and everyone had crazy foot issues. Blisters and such, they just looked horrible. But we had none of that with our sandals and lighter weight shoes. I don't know why people do it. Before hiking the PCT it was like a given that you would get lots of blisters, but we hiked it without getting any. I think people expect it, but if you do it right you can hike without any! People kept looking at Raymond's hiking toe socks. We were quite the spectacle but no one every said anything to us, they just looked. Oh well - it works for us :) It was nice to have a bed to sleep in instead of sleeping in the windy rain.


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