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Seattle Adventures Part 3

Thursday morning of our trip we woke up and went to Wayward again for breakie, then headed down to REI to do a little shopping. Afterwards we walked downtown to check out the Target and I am so glad we did! I found robot there!! I was super excited to find him and had lots of fun taking photos all over Seattle with him. He will be a world traveler and the envy of all his friends! Anyways we met up with Patricia for lunch at World Fresh just like we used to which was a lot of fun. It made me miss having that time to visit with Patricia when one of us had a stressful day at work or just needed a break. It was nice.

After lunch we realized it was first Thursday so we looked up what museums were free. Since the main exhibit at the downtown art museum wasn't included we decided to walk down to South Lake Union to the MOHAI since I had never been there and Raymond wanted to check out the new building.

I of course had lots of fun taking pictures of robot along the way. It was a gorgeous day out and a perfect day for a walk.

We did walk by two different German places - one with sausages and one with doner kebab. We went in the doner kebab one to spy and man they were expensive! Doner here is like super cheap open all the time get when you are coming home from the bar food.

MOHAI was interesting, but definitely not worth the $14 regular admission fee. I would recommend going to check it out on the free first Thursday. The building is this very large room in the center that is open with some displays and cars and such.

There was also this large wall of small displays with wheels at the bottom you could turn to make something happen in the different boxes.

Upstairs there were just a few rooms with history displays - mostly text and it wasn't that fun. The best thing in the place though, and the real reason why I think everyone should go for the free Thursday because it was amazing, was a musical video of the Seattle fire. It was a small room with a small screen and some displays of different things like a doll, a pot, a typewriter and whatnot. Well then the room goes dark and the movie starts playing and the different displays light up with the different items that are "singing" about the fire. Like it starts off with the typewriter pulsing with light as it "sings" this song and it was so amazing! I loved it! I couldn't stop laughing. Definitely go check it out!!

View from the upstairs window.

After the museum Robot and I had a sitz in the park outside. Then since we were tired of walking we walked over to wait for the S.L.U.T. to come and take us back downtown. While we were waiting these three older ladies came by (like grandmother age). We were just standing there and then the one lady says "Oh here comes the slut" and I laughed so much. It was just hilarious this grandmother just saying it so matter of fact and oh it was great. A highlight of the trip.

We took the S.L.U.T. downtown then down to Pioneer Square to hang out for a bit before meeting up with some folks from work for a happy hour. As you can see it was a little dark to get some good photos so oh well. It was a lot of fun though - a much smaller group than the lunch the previous day which was nice. We met up with Alison, Ryan, Anna, Carla, Allison, and Gillian. We had a nice time just hanging out for a bit and though I do not miss working, I do miss the people.
It was our last night staying with Max so we went out for a late dinner with him when we got back to his place. I didn't realize he lived so close to Phinnney Ridge and we walked back from dinner (we had gotten a ride with Gina down to dinner). It was a lovely night and really nice walk.

The next day we got up and packed up our things and dropped them off with my cousin before heading downtown to eat some foods! We stopped by the Crumpet place at the market then headed back down to South Lake Union to go to the Veggie Grill there. We rode the S.L.U.T. out again since we had bus transfers which were still good, but they actually had someone come through and look for tickets. So I showed my transfer but Raymond just had his Orca card and there is no reader to tap on the SLUT so I was like ?? The guy was just like if you have an Orca card just show it to me. Um I don't have to pay? Odd. Well there were a few people who did not have tickets so he told them how they could buy them with cash from the machine on board. They were all we don't have cash so he was just like well when you get off you can buy a ticket from the machine with a card. Sure. That is just what they are going to do, buy a ticket as they leave. It was just so strange. Nothing happened if you didn't have a ticket. Here if you don't have a ticket you get a hefty fine and there is no oh I didn't know or anything you can say to get out of it. It just is. Odd.

After lunch we shopped and walked our way back up to my cousins stopping to take lots of photos along the way. Can you tell I like taking pictures of robot? Best $3 ever spent! I love him so much!! There was this one house that had tons of toys in the yard that Robot became quick bff with. He had fun. We got back to Pete and Frank's and Frank wasn't feeling very well and Pete came home shortly thereafter so we just hung out a bit with them before we headed off to happy hour bar crawl which was planned to be like 4 places, but we really only went to two.

We started off at Canterbury with Laura and we were hoping the front room would be open, but it was reserved for a big party so we just took up two booths in the back instead. It was fun as we were with Patricia, Ginger, Matt, Jacalen and Brandon at our table and it was like old times. I loved it! It was just nice to have a night out with our friends. Then we left and went to Redwood with Matt and Ginger since everyone else had to be getting home and hung out there for a bit, which was also a lot of fun. They were just heading out and I thought okay we can head home as well, but then who shows up but Max and a girl who I cannot remember what her name was. She was very nice and I had fun talking with them, but I have no idea what her name was. Oh well we stayed with them for a bit until I got too tired and then headed back to my cousins place where he promptly told us how we failed at the bar crawl - we should be super drunk and falling over! Oh well.

The next morning was Sat so we headed over to the U District again for breakfast at Wayward and a trip to the farmers market I miss so much. It was like our normal Sat while we lived there and I miss it so! Really I miss the farmers market. I need to go spy on more here and see if I can find one equally as good.

It was a gorgeous day outside so what did we do? Watch bad TV with my cousin. I had set Robot next to the TV and Poncho really didn't like that. He was very suspicious of him I think. We were talking and I was saying about this Australian surfing show I watch and about how they have really bad body doubles for the actors when they are surfing so we put that on and ended up watching almost the entire last season while we were there. It was so much fun. I really miss my cousin and hanging out with him. He is just hilarious and we have the same horrible tastes in things and it was just a lot of fun. Poncho is also super cute and would actually sit with me a lot so I got lots of love from puppy!

We did walk up to meet Jacalen, Brandon and Greyson for dinner. Man Greyson is so cute! We were sitting in the back of the restaurant up on a higher level and he there was nobody else up there when we got there so he was exploring and doing whatnot until some people came and sat at the table next to us. Then he was good like under our table and whatever reading books and such while we were eating and generally not being annoying or anything, but man the people sitting next to us were not at all happy with us. I have no idea what there issue was as whenever we would laugh or something I could see them glare at us. I was just like really? It is a gorgeous day outside, we are out having dinner and having a nice time and you two are just going to sit there in silence the entire time and glare at us because we are talking and laughing? Really? It is not like we are in some weird silent restaurant or anything, and we were not obnoxiously loud or anything - just a normal group of people out to dinner. It was weird. Oh well I enjoyed it!

Then a lovely walk back to my cousins for some more bad TV watching till bedtime.

Our last full day in Seattle we got up and went to breakfast at this waffle place in the central district then walked back to Moonlight Cafe for lunch with Raymond's parents, brother, and brothers girlfriend. I got the pho this time and man is it good! My favorite pho ever! I should have gotten it when we first went when we got in, but didn't. Oh well. It was a nice visit and after lunch we walked down to Goodwill for some thrift store shopping.

Then it was up to Unicorn for corn dogs and drinks before heading back to Pete's place for dinner. Man I really like Unicorn. It is so bright and colorful inside and they have amazing super sugary drinks which I love and the food is pretty tasty and the people have always been super nice that work there. We really should have gone more often when we lived there, and I almost said eh let's skip it on this trip but I am really glad we didn't. We were there in the afternoon so it was empty, but I still enjoyed it. Then we hung out with Pete and Frank for the rest of the evening.

The day we left we got up early and headed one last time to Wayward for breakfast before returning to Pete's to pick up our stuff. We did stop by and see Laura one last time before we headed out to the airport. The photo above is from the plane over Jasper National Park and was again gorgeous. Unfortunately it got dark while we were flying so most of the flight you couldn't see anything out the window. It was another great flight though.

We arrived in Frankfurt to a crazy snowstorm that shut down most of the airport. Our flight to Berlin was canceled so we had to stand in line forever to try and get a different flight or something. The guy at the beginning of the line checking to make sure you are in the correct place told us he thought they were going to give us train tickets which was fine by us. So we waited maybe two hours in line before we made it to the front. Man the people waiting were not happy. They were just yelling at everyone and complaining about everything! It amused me greatly as it is not like the airline caused the weather or anything. I really do feel bad for the people working the counter and such as man people are just nasty for no reason. They can only do what they can do. There was one guy a few people in front of us who was trying to get another flight but the lady was like you were here for your flight with two hours to get to your gate and your flight did leave why didn't you get on it? He was trying to say he couldn't have made it and I was just like dude - instead of standing in this line you could have walked to the gate since it just took was odd. I didn't understand why he didn't catch his flight.

Anyways we got up to the counter and the lady was like well there is a flight that might go out at 3:30pm if the weather clears up (it was like noon or so at the time) or we can give you train tickets that would get you back to Berlin about the same time as the later flight. We took the train tickets as it is much more likely we will get home that way instead of sleeping in the airport. I think that was a good choice as the next day I was reading all the news articles about all the people who were stuck in Frankfurt and the delayed flights that day as well. Our train was nice and comfortable and we rode through lots of snow covered countryside and it was gorgeous. I love the snow so much! It took longer than we expected but we made it home just a few hours after we were supposed to.

We really had a great trip to Seattle. I miss all of my friend and coming back was the first time that I really missed having family around. I mean the last big move was right after high school to go out to WA for college and...well I needed to get out of there so I didn't really miss people that much. Plus it was a big adventure and fun and exciting. Then when I left last June it was again a big adventure and the great unknown so I missed people, but I was also super excited to start our life here. This time I was just coming back to the same that I have had for the past 8 months and well...It made me miss everyone so much more. I really miss my cousin and hanging out on Saturdays. I never realized how nice it was to have family close by. Oh well, I do love it here and we do have a pretty amazing life. It was just that first week back I was really sad and missing everyone, but I am back to happy fun Jen again loving everything about living here! It is just amazing, but I will save what we have been doing since Seattle for another post.


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