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Shared Gear

This is a list of essential gear that Jen and I will be distributing between our packs. Mainly I'm just jogging my mind and tracking what we have (we should have everything we need now).
  • Tent
    • Jen's handmade tarp tent
      • Jen's Leki poles for structure
    • MSR Stakes
    • Rope
    • Tyvek ground sheet
  • Stove
    • Snow Peak Giga Stove Titanium 3 oz.
    • Fuel
    • Evernew Titanium Pot
  • Water Filtration/Purification
  • Food (Jen is the planner. She has our eating schedule down to the minute - I'm just noting notables)
    • Ziploc freezer bags of good eats (dinners)
      • stove is meant for bring water just to boil then food is cooked (rehydrated/heated) by pouring hot water directly into bags
      • also serves as bowl
    • Dehydrated fruits and veggies
      • Dehydrated kiwi is delicious
    • Dehydrated "meats" (added to soups, jerky, etc.)
      • Morningstar Farms Sausages
      • Gardenburgers
    • Quinoa is superfood
    • Jen has an average of 3 to 5 days of food to be carried on our backs per time between towns.
  • First Aid
    • MOFA certifications
    • First Aid Kit(s)
      • gauze
      • triangular bandages
      • etc.


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