Raymond's PCT Gear List

This is simply a list of what I currently have to carry on my back for the trip and things I am in charge of (electronic gadgets). I will update this list as I remember the little things I am forgetting.

  • Torso
    • Base Layer
      • Mountain Hardwear Men's Wicked Long-Sleeve Tee 5 oz. - cold weather (w/polo)
    • Jacket
      • Marmot Driclime 8.75 oz. - light jacket/windbreaker
      • Marmot Precip 12.125 oz. - rain coat
    • Sleepwear
      • Patagonia Capilene 3 Long-Sleeve Crew 6.5 oz. - cold nights
    • Hands
      • Jen's handmade mittens - cold weather
Luggage, Gear, etc.

Total Pack Weight = 9 lbs.


Unknown said…
You guys are all set!! :)

I'm getting excited from just looking through the list of things you guys have collected!

Be safe and have lots of fun!!!!

yukari :)

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