Easter in Rostock 2018

We decided to go up to the coast for Easter last year and went somewhere new - Rostock. You have to go out to Warnemunde to get to the actual coast, but I couldn't find any places available that overlooked the water so we stayed in the city instead. And it snowed!

Wandering around a wet, snowy Rostock

We did take the train to Warnemunde one day and it was gorgeous, but super cold!

While wandering in Rostock we saw there would be a choir concert at St Marien church so we decided to check it out. It was the St John Passion by Heinrich Sch├╝tz and...was just okay. Really a few of the singers were not very good so...plus it was freezing in the church. No heat or anything, it was cold outside so those stone walls and suff just made it so so cold. 

We went out to the coast one day to do some wandering in the woods


Pretty tree bark

More snow once we got back to town!

From our hotel room

We had gone to Grune Kombuse for dinner one night and it was super tasty so we decided to go back on Easter for their Easter dinner. Barlauch cream soup

And tempeh salad starters

Veggie nut roast with onion chutney, rosemary potato balls, and roasted veggies. This was so tasty! The potato balls tasted like stuffing!

So tasty! Really we had a lot of tasty food in Rostock, but I didn't take photos. We mainly just wandered the town playing Pokemon and watching the snow from our room. 


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