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Dortmund, Germany Day 1

Last summer I looked up vegan street fairs/festivals around Germany. I thought we could take a long weekend to some towns we haven't been to yet and have some hopefully good foods as well. So that is why we went to Dortmund. When I told some friends we were going there for a long weekend they were just like why? There is nothing in Dortmund. It is boring. I thought eh. It will be fine. It is just nice to get away. Only we had so much fun there!! I would definitely go back again. 

We arrived around lunchtime so we got some food and wandered around the city. It isn't that big

Though there were lots of people playing Pokemon Go so we sat in the parks catching Pokemon!

A different food festival (not very vegan friendly)

It did rain a little bit

We had dinner at Corona Pizzeria which you could get everything vegan or normal! So many options! We had the Mama - spinach, peppers, broccoli, and onions. Yum!

And the Diavolo - Salami, peppers, and mushrooms. Tasty as long as I took off the mushrooms! 

The next morning we had breakfast at Coffee Fellows. They have a few bagels that are vegan - I got the hummus one which was delicious!

A market in the one square

The vegan festival was small, but fun

We tried the pulled pork sandwich which was pretty tasty

And a sandwich called the Lumberjack - soy meat with onions and BBQ sauce and stuff. There was a huge line here so we were expecting it to be amazing...

And it was just okay

Fancy chocolates

To eat later

Chocolate mousse - delicious!!

And ice cream! Hazelnut and chocolate

Then we went over to DASA for the afternoon. When I looked for things to do I came across this listed as the work safety museum (it is really called working world exhibition) and thought that sounds boring. But it had great reviews and they had a robot exhibit on so we thought why not? It was amazing!!

First up robots!

Not creepy at all

I want this game!

There was also this robot next to Raymond that rolled around and asked people if they needed help. You could choose something from his screen and he would take you to that robot and tell you about it (all in German) and was fun!

Clips from great robot movies - I have some things to put on my to-watch list

Robots in their cages. He looks so sad

They had a robot butler!!!

Robot kitty to help comfort sick people I believe

This guy would mimic your expressions

Then it was on to the normal museum

Which had weird rooms like this with sounds playing and I don't really know what it is...

This long hallway of mirrors on one side and panels with this guy facing one way on the other side

and the lady on the opposite side as the guy. 

The guy and girl were on the walls on either side of exhibits like this 

Or this. Cause this is...

It was kind of amazing 

This was like a science center area. You learned about your senses. Like the middle one with the three round half spheres? They were all different temps so you could see what they feel like

And of course a weird chair thing

And this table there was a light that would run across the top and you would see it go part of the way then it would disappear and you had to hit the button when you thought it got to the marked area...which is hard. But I did it! Yey me!

A mirror maze, because nothing say work like a mirror maze...

This stuff made sense and was cool to look at

But art like this? Not so much. And it was everywhere

They had a helicopter you could get in that hung over the ledge in a big control room (below)

It did kind of feel like you might fall when you were in there

There was almost no one else there which was awesome for us as then we could spend however long we wanted messing with things

The control room below the helicopter

Some more odd art for the working world

Raymond working hard!

We had a lot of fun wheeling back and forth pressing buttons

Putting tiny beads into tiny containers. So much work to be done!

I don't know what a lot of the things in this museum were supposed to be, but it was fun exploring

So much work to be done!

That guy walking by works there and was just like yes, that is it! It was funny

Okay this wall on the left was very strange

The windows played movies of like people killing people. 

Very strange!

Giant computer! Unfortunately the mouse didn't work very well


Oh man this museum was so much fun. It is one of my favorite museums! I loved running around looking at things. Finding all the strange things that didn't make sense, pretending to work on lots of things, just having fun. If you are ever in the area you should definitely go! It was an overcast, rainy Saturday afternoon and there was almost no one else there. It was amazing. 

For dinner we went to Makimaki - a vegan sushi place! This place was delicious! Normally we just get an avocado roll or something, but they had fun sushi! We started with the Yakitofi - a tofu and a seitan skewer with sauce. Delicious!

Then for sushi we had from left clockwise - Big Spicy Vegan (cucumber, avocado, tofu, radish, sesame, and spicy sauce), Deep Red Maki (beets, avocado, chili sauce, and sesame), Sweet Orange Maki (sweet potato, avocado, cucumber, sesame), Lucky No Meat Maki (seitan, avocado, sweet and spicy sauce, sesame), Big Creamy Deep Red (beets, sweet potato, avocado, vegan fresh cheese, spicy sauce), Classic Avocado and Cucumber. Delicious!

Then dessert! Inari with sweet sushi rice and sesame - so so so good!

and Banana, avocado, fresh cheese, sesame, and sweet sauce. Yum! This place was so good. 

And that was our fun filled first days in Dortmund! Day two coming up


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