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Weekend in Heringsdof

Back in February I took an almost 2 week trip to the states to meet up with my online book club and other fun adventures. Since I was going to be gone for so long (and Raymond stayed home) we decided to spend a weekend at the coast before I left. It also happened to be Valentine's Day weekend which was nice even though we normally don't do anything for the holiday. This weekend we decided to check out Heringdorf - a small coastal town really close to the Poland border. 

We arrived late Friday night and tried to find some food in town, though there weren't many options. We decided to go to the Italian place across from our hotel and man...that was not good. I don't know what they did, but somehow they messed it up. I got spaghetti with a red sauce, pretty simple yes? How can you mess that up? I don't know, but they did. I would have preferred just a jar of sauce poured on it to whatever I got. At least after dinner we wandered along the beach a bit. It was cold, but a really nice night. To the right in the above photo you can see the end of a long pier we walked out on. It was still really cold - you can see some frost on the right side of the photo. But Saturday was gorgeous! Sunny and when you weren't in the wind it wasn't bad. 

In the morning we walked down the beach a ways

So cold!

Eventually ending up in the next town down, Bansin. Now Bansin had some great food options and I liked it a lot more than Heringsdorf. For lunch we had pizza and pasta that was amazing! Just some spaghetti with olive oil and garlic, and a pizza with veggies. It was so much better than the night prior. 

Then we walked back to our hotel along the pathway by the water. You can't see the water usually from the pathway, but you could hear the waves since it was so windy. 

That night we walked back up to Binsen for dinner. We had spied a Mexican restaurant, La Posada, and wanted to check it out. I was hoping that it would be alright since most Mexican food here is not so good, except for burritos, so it was an adventure. And while the food wasn't spot on, it was really tasty and the best Mexican we have had in Germany. I would definitely go back for more veggie enchiladas and the Mexican salad. Really quite tasty. 

Then a stroll back to the hotel after dinner. 

Sunday was not as nice weather wise, but we still went out exploring before we headed for home. Instead of going down to Binsen again we explored the other way - towards the Poland border. 

This sand sculpture was still up from last summer

We saw lots of signs for Gullivers Welt - where you can go and see lots of giant things and pretend you are in Gulliver's Travels. Like this giant shell! If only it would have been closer/accessible without a car. 

And we made it to Ahlbeck, the last town before Poland walking down the beach. Heringsdorf is between these two small towns, but neither is very far away. Maybe a 20 minute walk either way. Ahlbeck was another cute town, but we didn't have a lot of time to explore before we had to get back. 

Giant strandkorb, or beach chair, near our hotel. 

Now for a few photos from our hotel. It was kind of amazing in it felt very dated. Down the hallways there was a lot of artwork, but all of them were framed and then had these larger wooden frames around them. It look...nice?

Then the lobby was still set up for winter

I think the flying frog is always there

And the dining area reminds me so much of 80's Barbie. Like this would have fit in with my Barbie furniture. I had a Barbie bed with bedspread and pillows in the exact same colors. I kind of loved it. 

After checking out we took one last walk down to Binsen for some lunch

It was pretty cold and super windy

It was especially windy and cold out on the pier

On the way to the train station we saw these cool chairs. I want my own set!

And that was our weekend in Heringsdorf. I love being by the water especially in the winter. It's so relaxing and I always forget how much I miss the water and mountains until I am by them again. 


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